I have been using Orthotech for over 20 years and have always been impressed with the quality of their appliances. Their finish and detail is unsurpassed, as is their customer service.
–Dr. T. Ahman
The appliances we order from Orthotech are consistently top notch. We find that the fit and appearance of the appliances exceed our expectations in every way. The color and size match of the pontics on our specialized retainers is amazing. Our patients are always pleased. Thanks for your excellent service to the orthodontic profession.
–Dr. J. Stull
Orthotech is an outstanding orthodontic laboratory. I have used their services for all of my orthodontic appliances, including palatal expanders, biteplates, Hawley retainers, Herbst appliances and more, since 2003. I value their quality, punctuality and attentiveness to our needs and desires on all of the appliances. I have come to lean very heavily on their services and hope to continue a great relationship with this company.
–Dr. B. Pendell
Our practice has been using Orthotech Lab for over twenty years! They have a very wide selection of colors and decals for Hawley retainers which make it fun for the patients. The quality is exceptional, the turnaround time is great, and the service is the best.
–Dr. S. Emrich
Orthotech is a pleasure to do business with. They have outstanding customer service and do excellent, quality work!
–Dr. B. Hardy
Orthotech has been my only choice of an orthodontic lab for the past 19 years. I am pleased with their quality and workmanship.
–Dr. J. Karpac
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that you are always available whether we call or write. The service we receive from all the dedicated professionals at Orthotech is outstanding. Our appliances are made correctly, returned on time, and always fit to specifications. Keep up the good work!
–Dr. W. Lightfoot
I have utilized Orthotech for more than 25 years in the fabrication of Bite Planes for my patients. The appliances are accurate and require minimal adjustment. The delivery of the appliance is always on time. My relationship is based on Orthotech’s quality and commitment to my practice.
–Dr. J. Everhart
Our office has used Orthotech Laboratory almost exclusively since Kent and Karl opened their lab. Our satisfaction for over twenty years speaks to the quality and consistency of their workmanship. Orthotech simplifies our patient care immensely.
–Dr. D. Monfort
I have used the services of Orthotech for some years now and I have always found the company to deliver the product in a very timely fashion at a reasonable cost. Not only do they deliver on time but the work is more reliable than some nationally renowned labs.
–Dr. B. Spence
Orthotech is my lab of choice because I can depend on them to deliver what I need when I need it. I always feel that the helpful staff at Orthotech has my best interest in mind. I couldn’t ask for more from a lab.
–Dr. C. Reed
I whole-heartedly endorse Orthotech for all my appliances. From the simple to the complex, they are always delivered in a timely manner and easy to seat!
–Dr. B. Woodard