• What is your turnaround time?
• Do you offer rush service?
• How do I send cases to your lab for fabrication?
• How do we request specific due dates?
• How will the appliances be delivered to the doctor’s office?
• Why do you ship our cases back through UPS?
• What colors and designs do you offer?
• Do we need to seat bands on our working models for fixed appliances?
• What infectious disease controls do you practice?
• What if an appliance does not fit the patient?
• Do we need to keep the work models that are returned with the finished product?
• What if we are expecting an appliance, but cannot determine if it was delivered?
• How will we be billed?
• What forms of payment do you accept?

Laboratory Time Schedule
We offer quick turnaround time on all of our products. Removable, fixed, soldered appliances and splints will be finished in 3 in-house days. Functional appliances and study models will be completed in 5 in-house days. These times are the standard guidelines, but specific arrangements can be made on a per case basis, or with larger volume accounts.

Rush Service
Rush service is available on an emergency bases at no extra charge. When a rush situation arises, please call us to make specific arrangements prior to sending the case.

Shipping/Delivery Services
We have several delivery methods ranging from a courier service to UPS. It is largely determined upon the doctor’s location as to which method is utilized. If you are outside the pick-up service area, we will gladly provide U.S. prepaid mailing labels for your convenience. However, if your office is within the Columbus area, we offer courier pick up service free of charge! We also offer a 24 hour drop off/pick up option here at the lab. This has proven to be very convenient for some of our local doctors.

Due Dates
Orthotech strives to meet your specified due dates by delivering the cases when requested. In order to assure your appliances arrive before the patient’s appointment, please note the exact date you need the appliance returned to your office. We suggest that your request be at least one day prior to the appointment date. The case will arrive on that day via UPS or courier, depending on the delivery method. Our preference is that you NOT list the actual seating date. This will ensure the appliance is received long before the patient arrives.

United Parcel Service
Upon the completion of your appliance, it will be shipped to you via UPS, no matter where you are located. We have a long-standing relationship with UPS and they have proven to be the best and most reliable form of delivery. We are able to track each package and access the date, time and signature of the recipient to ensure that you are receiving your appliances on time.

Custom Colors and Designs
Our colors and designs are endless! Check out our “Colors and Designs” tab to take a tour.

Seating of Bands
If you are unable to fit bands for fixed appliances, we can seat them on your working models here at the lab. Although, anytime you seat your own bands it will reduce the fee and help insure proper fit.

Infection Control
Orthotech provides infection control to each appliance that leaves our laboratory in an effort to ensure the healthcare of your staff and patients.

Return Policy/Work Models
If for any reason an appliance is unsatisfactory upon receipt, please return the appliance along with the original models and include an explanation for your return. We will make any corrections needed and ship it back as soon as possible. Orthotech guarantees that the appliance we make will fit the model you provide or one we pour with your impression.

Therefore, the work models you provide us must be an accurate depiction of the patient’s dentition. Each appliance is custom made to exclusively fit your patient. Distorted, cracked, and broken models are not ideal. If the model is not one we can use, a call will be placed to your office to discuss the issue. In some cases, you may authorize us to proceed without a replacement model. When this occurs, we cannot ensure that the appliance will fit the patient properly.

Tracking Your Delivery/Appliance
If you are unable to locate an appliance, give us a call and we can pinpoint the day and time the package was delivered, along with the name of the party who signed for it.

Billing Procedures
First, an invoice is sent with each completed case which outlines all the charges for the patient. Then, on the last business day of the month, a statement will be mailed listing all the cases that were billed during that month and a total due. Balances 30 days in arrears are subject to a 1.5% service charge.

Forms of Payment
We will gladly accept your business check, or for your convenience we also accept MasterCard® and Visa®.